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The Webinar Vet & IMThriving 5 CE Webinars to learn from and implement quickly - FOR MEMBERS ONLY

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As a member of IMThriving, you can now access these 5 CE webinars from the Webinar Vet Virtual Congress 2020 absolutely FREE! Have a look below to see what webinars you'll have access to.

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Which webinars will you get?

CPR - What You Need to Know  - with Dr. Gerardo Poli

When a patient presents with cardiopulmonary arrest it is a stressful situation and unless you understand the basics it is likely all your efforts are wasted. In this session, we focus on the fundamentals of CPR so the next time it happens you will know what to do to make sure you make a difference.

Common Anaesthetic and the Way to Fix Them - with Dr. Fernando Martinez

There are several complications commonly occurring during anaesthesia. These complications contribute greatly to poor outcome, and perianaesthetic morbidity and mortality. In this webinar, we will discuss the most common complications (animal and equipment related) and give ideas on how to fix them.

Feline Emergencies: How I Approach Managing a Dyspnoeic Cat - with Dr. Martha Cannon

Dyspnoea is a common presenting sign in cats and can rapidly become life-threatening. We will review the common causes and develop a practical, minimally stressful approach to emergency assessment and management of these difficult cases.

Myths and Legends of the Coughing Dog - with Dr. Luca Ferasin

In this webinar, Luca takes us through the myths surrounding coughing dogs, including: Understanding the anatomy and neurophysiology of the Cough Reflex, understanding the most common causes of cough in dogs, understanding the diagnostic algorithm of cough in dogs, becoming familiar with conservative management of cough in dogs and becoming familiar with the use of anti-tussive drugs.

Osteoarthritis: An Overview - with Dr. John Waterhouse 

Regenerative medicine – is it the new frontier and what does that mean for your patients? What non-surgical therapeutic modalities are available to help patients with osteoarthritis? Best treatment approaches for osteoarthritis. Example of a four-week, in-clinic program. CBD oil – What’s all the hype about? 12-week pharmaceutical and nutraceutical plan.

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