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Conflict and Communication - Recorded session with Becky Taylor - 1hr CE

Price: CAD 21.00 (Ex : CAD 20.00)

Braving Difficult Convos with other Humans

This workshop is about how to effectively navigate difficult conversations with people who trigger an emotional response in us. One of the most challenging aspects of interacting with people is when you have to address a someone who is not performing to expectations, who is in disagreement with your way of thinking, or who is unable to hear and receive a message you are trying to communicate. Content will be presented in a way that identifies communication skills that can be learned and practiced to be of most benefit for future “difficult” interactions.

Becky Taylor has been active in her career as a Registered Veterinary Technologist for over 25 years. Becky’s passion for working with people has led to her devoting much of her professional development to learning and teaching communication skills in an applied manner and coincided with her activities on provincial and national veterinary organizations in many roles. An avid advocate for the people side of veterinary, she has taught courses in communication, coaches veterinary students and enjoys sharing this passion and knowledge with fellow veterinary professionals. Big picture: She is a self – proclaimed communication nerd and true believer that this is the secret sauce to success in veterinary profession.