Create a resume that impresses clinic managers


When preparing to apply for a job, it’s key to create a resume that gives you the best shot at winning an interview. It can be that much more difficult to land an interview when team culture and fit is as important as your skills. Especially when you consider these stats about the job application process.

Job Application Stats: 

  • More than 50% of candidates resumes are eliminated from the hiring process right away by hiring systems
  • The average interview process take 22.9 days

If reading that makes you nervous, don’t be. With the proper resume and interview preparation, you can be ready to show recruiters why you’re the right person for the role. See some easy tips for creating a resume that recruiters will get excited for.

Resume Tips:

1) Customize your resume to the job description and title

  • Resume screening technology (or the clinic manager J) look for keywords within the resume to identify whether or not to move your resume to the next stage. Include keywords that are found in the job description and the title. Integrate these keywords in your previous job experience to show you understand the role you’re applying for using industry-specific terms.
  • Include any past experience demonstrating teamwork and independent projects to highlight your ability to work with other and independently. This will help your resume stand out and more accurately fit the job need.
  • Include verbiage about your past experience with specific computer software, tools, and machines (like Cornerstone, Idexx, specific X-ray machines, etc) to show that you have experience with tools that are commonly used in clinics.

2) Keep your statements clear and concise

  • When your resume makes it through to recruiters, they are limited in their time to review your resume. It’s said that recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds reviewing a resume. Making clear statements that will stand out or catch the eye of the recruiter are key to make them move your resume to the review later pile.

3) Make the objective statement about the clinic you want to work at and not you

  • Many times candidates will focus on their own stories but don’t focus on the clinic’s culture and needs. When applying for a clinic job, remember that you want to showcase yourself but you also need to impress the place you’re applying. By integrating how you’re a fit for their culture and the role, you show your knowledge of the clinic you are applying for. Fit for the clinic’s culture can be vital to be hired since it’s important for recruiters and the team to have candidates that feel like part of the family.

Finally, remember that focusing on your skills, excitement for the role and showing your personality will give recruiters a feeling for how it would be to work with you day in day out.



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